VAPTCHA is the abbreviation of (Variation Analysis based Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart), also known as gesture verification code, is a human-machine verification solution based on artificial intelligence and big data. The user only needs to draw the designated trajectory to complete the verification. VAPTCHA can effectively prevent malicious password cracking, forum flooding, spam, database crashing, etc.

Compared with traditional verification codes, VAPTCHA has the following advantages:

User-friendly The verification code is a simple trajectory, and will not be unrecognizable due to excessive pollution, interference or deformation processing
Trajectory can be recognized by anyone no matter what his mother language is.
Fast Different from the traditional verification code, VAPTCHA only requires the user to draw a trajectory, and can be completed within 1 second.
The trusted client can complete the verification without sense.
Safe There are infinite combinations of gestures, so VAPTCHA has natural advantages over traditional verification codes with limited combinations.
Through the analysis of hidden features such as user behavior and biology, VAPTCHA can not only distinguish between human and machine, but also tell you from others
The unique risk control analysis engine can quickly identify the attack behavior, and identify the device and IP, blocking the attack from the source.
The self-evolving feature model will quickly learn the features and intercept the attack when a new attack pattern is generated
Multiple data nodes around the world are mutually backup, which can not only increase the verification response speed but also ensure the absolute stability of the verification service


VAPTCHA can complete code deployment and access services in just a few steps.



     log in

 Create verification units

Get VID and KEY

Download SDK


Application scenario

Safe and User-friendly, VAPTCHA can effectively prevent the following harmful behaviors:

Swap votes Using scripts to repeatedly vote on the voting page to affect the ranking.
Spam registration Using automated programs to submit spam registrations in batches, such as the most typical batch registration of email accounts sold to black and gray industry to make a profit.
Account cracking Using data dictionary or brute force password cracking to crack accounts. If there is no man-machine verification, theoretically all accounts can be cracked.
Spam emails&texts Using automated programs to call the email or SMS interface to send mass promotion and spam messages, which will not only quickly consume the balance, but also make receivers miserable.
Manual coding Manual identification of verification codes is a common problem faced by human-machine verification all over the world. VAPTCHA can greatly increase the cost of manual coding by restricting client frequency, blacklist restrictions, and increasing the difficulty of identification.