What is VAPTCHA?

VAPTCHA is a new type of human-machine verification solution based on artificial intelligence and big data. Through comprehensive analysis of user behavior characteristics, biological characteristics, network environment, etc., VAPTCHA's efficient and evolving intelligent risk control engine can accurately identify and intercept attack requests including manual coding. Compared with traditional verification codes, VAPTCHA has significant advantages in terms of security and user experience.

  • Multi-dimensional extraction and analysis of the geometric and biological characteristics of the trajectory
  • The evolving risk analysis engine based on artificial intelligence
  • Unique security strategy effectively intercepting manual coding attacks
  • The security level far exceeding traditional CAPTCHA
  • Automatically match the nearest VAPTCHA node, and the global verification response time is no more than 200ms.
  • The user only needs to draw a simple gesture to complete the test within 1s.
  • Good compatibility and multi-terminal, multi-language support.
  • The standard version is completely free.
  • NO verification limitation and no QPS limitation.
  • Free online technical support.

Optional mode
Embedded Mode
The verification prompt will be displayed on the gesture map, and the image can be scaled proportionally, which is suitable for a more concise web page layout; it does not support non-sense verification.
Click Mode
The verification prompt will be displayed on the button. By customizing the button’s style, color, size, etc., you can flexibly adapt to different web page styles; support non-sense verification.
lnvisible Mode
The verification process will be merged into the normal business process to support non-sense verification. The user who initiates the verification request by the secure client does not even feel the existence of VAPTCHA, and the experience is better.
Mobile Mode
The default is the pop-up verification mode, please use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the left to experience.